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Steve Jobs Resign : links to articles

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Steve jobs

Here are some of the articles written after steve jobs resgnation news spread

Zend Framework : Zend_Db

In this post i will tell you how to connect database in zend framework using Zend_Db.

After initiating the Zend framework project make a folder like this

Zend Project -> applicaiton -> models -> Db -> Db.php

we make a class name  “Db_Db” and define a static method “conn()”



class Db_Db
	public static function conn()
    		$pdoParams = array(PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND => 'SET NAMES UTF8;');
    		$connParams = array("host" => "localhost",
    		"port" => "PORT",
    		"username" => "DATABASE_USERNAME",
    		"password" => "DATABASE_PASSWORD",
    		"dbname" => "DATABASE_NAME",
    		"driver_options" => $pdoParams
    		$db = new Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql($connParams);
    		return $db;
    	catch (Zend_Db_Exception $err)
    		echo $err->getMessage();

Get Zend Framework Version easily

Most of Zf developers may need to identify the version of the framework user is using

here is one line from which you can get the version

echo Zend_Version::VERSION;

Google+ : An Awesome Social Network From Google

Google Plus


Finally Google entered in to social media world with an awesome outing of Google+ (for short G+) . The interface is as usual simple and rocking, great user experience.

G+ provide all the functionality which you found on other social media websites like photo sharing, link sharing, video sharing and a good control over privacy.

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Vote for best PHP Framework

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codeigniterZendYII framework

These days i am trying to shift myself from straight php coding to php mvc framework

when i searched for best php framework i found out there are alot of frameworks.

Right now i started reading about ZEND framework

Here is the list of frameworks you can vote on


After a long time i am writing that is because now a days i am not doing much of freelance

Also i sold my Canon S5 IS, now planning to buy a cool canon DSLR may be Canon 550D or Canon 60D

here is my flickr account

add me on flickr if you lik my photos

11 reasons you should buy an Android than iPhone

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Android BlackBerry has officially exceeded. On May 11/2010, passed IOS Android (iPhone). Page Techtree Technology has published an article presenting a viewpoint of Indian consumers, about why they like Android over the iPhone. Furthermore, Android has pretty much design, powerful configuration, free applications, easily change the look and affordable price for many customers.

1. Android is everywhere
Android phones are almost everywhere, unlike the iPhone, only sold at Apple Stores and a few other shops. Nearly all Android phones are in India as they are introduced worldwide, but the iPhone to India later, usually one year after the official launch of Apple products, then, the iPhone has become too old.

2. Freedom to choose the network
popular iPhone network lock – it only runs on a mobile service provider, and not accept another network’s SIM card. Android phone is not so limited, and users freely select any home network.

3. Price
Regulation has become, a new iPhone to India always has the higher price excessive, beyond the affordability of most consumers. In contrast, Android has many different rates to choose from to suit your budget.

4. Widgets
Unlike the iPhone’s screen full of symbols, the Android phone with the desktop with widgets (applications integrated with the operating system) utility gives the user information with just one hand surfing. For example, Data Counter on the Android widgets instantly display the amount of data to test the level of the user’s Internet use, while Twitter widget for status updates at Twitter.

5. No need to install software on your computer
iPhone requires users to install iTunes on my computer and sync the iPhone to do things, such transfer applications, music, video or book. Furthermore, you can sync it with only a limited number of computers. Android phones do not need any such application – just connect your phone to any computer and manipulate any comfort.

6. Convenience
Users can continually turn off, turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Mobile GPS Network or on Android simply by clicking on the button available on the desktop. This saves batteries. On the iPhone, must be deep in the settings to turn off, turn on these functions.

7. Web browser
Web Browser on Android simply that amazing. Anyone using this will feel. It’s faster than Safari, has all the features needed from a web browser, and Flash support. Is an operating system of Google, should Google search, simply on the search button and type the keyword, results will appear immediately.

Of course, experience with different browsers processing speed of each machine Android, which means that will experience the best on the more expensive models. 4 web browser on the iPhone is the best, but the iPhone has not come to four Indians, and if so, it would be very expensive.

8. Notification system
On the iPhone, the notification system is very limited. For example, if you are a Twitter user, they will be opening applications for Twitter updates.

While in Android, better notification system. These applications can access the system notices and warnings on radio email alerts when new, have new voice messages and alerts Twitter or Facebook. Applications running in the background and never knew there must be open for updates.

9. Applications
Like Apple’s Apple Store, there are thousands of applications in the Android Market for Android machine. Neat thing here is no need to log in account each time you want to install applications from the market, even applications for free. And, the Market is the censorship regulations free applications for Android.

10. Customized comfort
Android phone could be customized to personalize as desired. Thus, users can turn the phone like how they like. They can organize, arrange desktop line with demand. For example, if you are a business person, they may want to display your contacts, email, news and updates via RSS … shares. A social network users may want to monitor the Facebook, Twitter …. Even that can create a completely new desktop if you like. This can not be on the iPhone.

11. Run faster when you update the operating system (OS)
Updated operating system on an older iPhone as installed on the iPhone 3G IOS 4 often make the machine run more slowly, which makes users think it is a tactic that Apple put out, forcing them to buy new iPhone . Sometimes, Apple did not even bother to inform users about the harmful effects when updating iPhone OS on the old version.

In contrast, Android phone that actually runs faster with OS updates. Even better, to avoid such risks, most manufacturers Android phone allows users to set safety limits for an Android phone: the machine can only update the OS 2 times in my life .

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PHP array_map()

Now with php array_map function you can apply a  function to all values in array on one go

here is an example

function cube($n)
return($n * $n * $n);

$a = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
$b = array_map("cube", $a);

Result will be like this

    [0] => 1
    [1] => 8
    [2] => 27
    [3] => 64
    [4] => 125

Bug Tracing in PHP

After joining a software house “Ovrlod”  i got to learn many new things about programming and engineering stuff

The good thing is that i now usually start using try catch in my code which was missing in my past projects…or say now my code is more towards standards

Well sitting at my office desk i was thinking to start my own bug tracking system…currently on web there are many others too but too much complicated to implement

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