Let me tell you my freelancing story, I started freelancing back in 2008 when my friend told me about how can you work from home for companies abroad. He introduced me to vworker.com now freelancer.

The start was rough on these sites but I got my first freelancing work after a month. That started my freelancing career but then I saw these sites asking for more commissions percentage taking too much project fee. Worst of all these freelancing websites were overtaken by Indians and Philippines with fake accounts. I started to see many fake jobs from these countries so that people bid on those fake jobs and there finish there bid limits so they can’t bid on real projects. That got me frustrated and then I rarely used those sites for work.

One of my friend introduce me to https://www.toptal.com. I like the strategy to keep fake freelancers away and allow only real freelancers who are here for real work. They work with some of the best tech companies in world which is interesting and I wonder if I get hired by one these silicon valley companies.

I suggest to try out Toptal Web engineering group they are legit. They also donated $1.1m for tech education for disadvantage people. I am so excited to work for Toptal. I will keep sharing my experiences on Toptal.