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Hello readers, first of all Happy New Year. Hope you all are fine and doing great with your life.

I am doing great and enjoying my life. I recently switched my job and enjoying new challenges at new workplace. I learned alot about my self and other things also in 2011.

Board Meetings

First I learned that I always want to face new challenges each day, I can not work on same thing for a longer period of time until it is exciting, that’s why I always excited and ready to learn new technologies. I am not be interested at least right now in business management (I like project management) because I find it boring. I hate fotmal meetings I think they are non-productive,  instead of being in meeting I can work on some new ideas.

Now lets talk about other things I learned. In September I started a blog (BMA Trailers) where me and my friend posted movie trailers on regular basis (visit and hoping that alot of users will visit us so we can approach advertisers to give us ads and make some good money. First Google rejected our request for Google Adsense don’t know why then we have not much visitors and nobody likes to click on ads 🙂 .  So working on BMA Trailers I learned WordPress and a lot more about SEO. More important I learned human psychology about how to show them information. SPAM is strictly now allowed.

Success Failure

I believe Failures is just the start of Success.

startup ideas

Well I am planning my moves for new year 2012. I will be more interested in working on my own products. I have couple of ideas so I just have to choose one of them to execute.

One of my web app functionality is ready,  I will be completing the web user interface soon and plan about how to launch my web app. Also I didn’t decided on the name yet. Well I will announce here when I will be launching it.

Well that is all from my side. If you have any suggestion about how to launch a web application and any thing related to product development then please leave a comment and start discussion. BYE