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Technolectuals is the culmination of years of grooming and experience of a group of individuals whose aim is to weave technology into solutions of problems wherever possible.

With the resources and the skills to back it up, the scope of our solutions ranges from closed-source to open-source technologies and packages. As our founding principle goes,

“If there’s a problem, a solution exists too”,


our nagging persistence in resolving issues has been our trademark. We do not believe in short-cuts and certainly don’t know how to give up even if all the odds are stacked against us.

Technolectuals is principally made up of two divisions – SoftWeavers and ColourAware, each responsible for development and designing respectively.

The SoftWeavers – so called because of their mechanical efficiency woven around human intellect with the finesse that only a human soul could possess – are much more than just developers. What sets them apart is that they possess the perfect balance of creativity and intellect with a nose for sniffing out solutions to a diverse array of problems.

On the other hand we have our ColourAgents who, apart from wanting to paint the whole town, regard each and every pixel as a canvas unto itself. Ferociously creative and proud of their aesthetic sense, their knack of coming up with attractive yet easy-to-look-at designs have astounded one and all.

Ultimately though, our success with clients is primarily built upon trust. They trust us to deliver, and delivered we have. This trust binds us and motivates us to never disappoint. Sifting through all the professionalism and the corporate jargon, it all eventually boils down to that one thing and that is something that we will eternally offer.