What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a term described as a set of techniques used to achieve high ranking in search engines and quality visits.


White Hat SEO :.

These are the ethical techniques used by optimizers to improve site traffic through search engines and to secure higher rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Black Hat SEO :.

These tricks and techniques are considered near to illegal way of boosting website traffic and ranking. Manipulation of search engine mechanism is done to and it may include techniques as spamming, link farming, cloaking and spamdexing.

Of these two techniques, most of the SEO consultants prefer to use White Hat techniques reject black hat tricks, since search engines as Google is known to black list black hatter sites.

SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

SERP is the detailed list of web pages or web documents that are returned by the search engine as a response to any search query made.


This is a program that acts like a browser by downloading web pages. But instead of displaying the information in form of text and graphics, it works directly on the underlying HTML code of a page.


It’s a program that has been designed to automatically follow all the links embedded in a web page. Crawler helps in determining the pre-defined set of addresses for the spider. New documents getting on-line are cached through this crawler program.


It’s a program that uses information provided by both Spider and Crawler to parse page components. All the stylizing and structural features such as HTML tags, Meta, headers, titles, content are parsed to facilitate searching.

Database Repository

All the information regarding the websites and WebPages is indexed and stored here.

Results Engine

When a search query is made through a search engine, this Result Engine uses searching algorithms to match web pages as required by the search query. The database helps the engine to find web document information.

Web Server

Web server acts as the key to relate and interact between the web documents and the user.

Despite knowing great deal into the working of search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a vague and far from exact science.

There are still many factors such as on-page, off-page factors, determining keywords, keyword saturation, Link popularity etc. For getting high ranking and maximum traffic from search engines, you need to work on quality of content, effective link building and luck.

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