Its been a long time for me to write a post, its not that am getting bore of bloging but i was  busy with certain things. First my midterms going on but luckily we got holiday from 30th april to 4rth may. Also i have a project to submit this coming monday its Flight Management System(FMS) on Visual basic and assignments right after this midterms.

Also gave a very friendly interview to Ali Raza Sheikh for Nuvica but all i have to say to Ali bahi bus jese hi is semester mein achi gpa aati hia summers mein i’ll be there 🙂

Also i want to thank Atif Sami my classmate that one of our unofficial project now become official university project…. details will be here after its complete, or i can blog the progress here.
Team : Atif Sami, Raj Kataria  and Myself

Another of my classmate Abdullah Azam aka DJ launch his website its totally cool and made in flash.

Also  decided to work on my portfolio in this summer which is like in pending for many months. But the reason was i dont want any static pages now i was learning php, and database stuff to make my portfolio more usefull and dynamic.

Well thats all i guess and many other things happened but not that much inportant to share.bye for now