After rejecting a large amount of money from Microsoft yahoo really made a comeback in market with there new line of products.

1- Yahoo Buzz

2- Live! Yahoo

3- Yahoo Video

4- Yahoo blogs

5- Yahoo API Developer

How does Buzz work?

Yahoo! Buzz features the most popular stories right now, determined by people around the Web. A story’s Buzz Score is based on your votes, searches, emails, and more.

Stories with the highest Buzz Score may be displayed on the Yahoo! homepage.

The best of the best – chosen by people like you.

  • The buzz can be about anything – a great story on a major news site, an extraordinary bit from an obscure site, an intriguing video, or a fantastic blog that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Instead of editors, people like you determine the top-rated stories.

How does Buzz work?

  • A story is ranked based on its Buzz Score. The score is derived from search term popularity, the number of times a story is emailed from Buzz, and the number of votes a story receives.
  • Stories with the highest Buzz Scores may be published on the Yahoo! home page – you can impact what millions will see on Yahoo!


Yahoo Video